Firefox 6 bug fixes enhanced tools and faster

Firefox 6
Information from various sources indicated that Firefox 6 has few new features for the user. However, Firefox 6 will be changed and modified within system more than 1,300 positions, Tiny positions of the changes that the user may not notice such as the display Domain Name in address box, it will use darker fonts color to make noticed website more clearly. This will be the same IE9 and Chrome.

The obvious new feature is to add Scratchpad text editor for developers who want to write or edit JavaScript code that may not be suitable for most users. In addition, it will be added to the authorization system (permissions manager) that can be accessed by typing the command about: permissions, Which allows users to set permissions in the form specificity that will allow any website to allow cookies, share locations, a popup window and store the passwords and data. Overall features of the permissions manager will allow users to set up the security of web site that is required to use secure and smooth.