Google adds +1 Button vs Like Facebook

+1 Button
It looks like Google is trying to make +1 Button has a lot more social by adding a note of it so give users know that in your friends group who like this news or article. The avatar and your friends name who click +1 to a news or an article will show up when move the mouse on +1 Button.

To change the properties increase in start late last week. The main idea of ​​adding the ability for make a recommendation that has been shown to be more concrete rather than just the number of people clicking +1 Button only. For website owners who want to use this new function will need to update the code of +1 Button by selected to display annotation after installing the new code. When the user moves the mouse pointer on +1 Button it will display a list of friends that have completed the +1 Button.
Of course, adding new feature to +1 Button with display a list of your friends name who has clicked +1 Button, It is one step further of the makes +1 Button of Google has more social, as well as direct clash with Like Button of Facebook. However, believe that Google has various plans many more to continue to penetrate the social network market that at present Facebook most possession. Facebook has more than 750 million users worldwide. However, small changes of +1 Button will made the users more interested.