Google sends Nexus Prime vs. iPhone 5

Nexus Prime
Nexus Prime the new version of smartphones from Google that works with Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, or Android 4.0. The device produced by Samsung, internal system performance with dual-core processor speed of 1.5GHz (Nexus S performance with single-core processors speed of 1GHz). The screen has been upgraded to a larger size 4.5 inches and is the Super AMOLED HD screen, perfectly played and Hi-Def video recording at 720p (Nexus S will have a 4-inch screen and a resolution lower than this).
Ice cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich is the smartphone operating system that combines main function of Android with Honeycomb (for tablet version). So, analysts also estimated that Nexus Prime may not have the hardware buttons for Home and Back on this version. Back camera of Nexus Prime resolution up to 8 megapixels. An expectation that Google will launch the Nexus Prime in early October. Which is likely to be collide with the launch of the iPhone 5.