Hokkaido Nuclear Power Plant prepared to open

Japan prepared to open Nuclear power plant in Hokkaido as the first since the earthquake and tsunami. It will be turned on amid dissatisfaction of the people who are fear the dangers from the plant.
Hokkaido nuclear power plant
Governor of Hokkaido Province had announced that Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc is authorized to enable The Tomari reactor No.3 in the commercial after passing safety test in the final stages and regarded as the first time is enabled the power plant reactor since Japan exposed to the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March. Which that disaster causes Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was a problem and lead to leakage of radioactive material. Which power plant in Hokkaido was closed for four days before the earthquake to test the safety system. As soon as local government approval to open the reactor again, the public group had gathered in front of the company office that owns the nuclear power plant in Hokkaido to oppose the opening of the plant, because the public still does not ensure security because of the problem with the plant in Fukushima province, until now still not be able control it and can not fully understand the problem. So if a problem occurs again in the future, it will not only impact on Hokkaido, but it will be all over the country.
Fukushima nuclear power plant
Closure of nuclear power plants around the country to ensure the safety had direct impact on electricity consumption of the people, because Japan have to rely on nuclear power up to 30 percent of total consumption in the country.