How useful lightning

The product of Thunderstorms is increasing nitrogen compounds to soil. Meteorological stations of the United States estimated that lightning causes nitrogen 2 kg fall into the ground per 1 acre in one year. When combined the whole world would have the nitrogen 770 million tons into the ground. During lightning flashes then some power of lightning flashes will allow the nitrogen chemical reactions with oxygen and emerge as nitric oxide compound. This compound has one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom. It will absorbs oxygen more one atom into it and becomes the nitrogen dioxide. This compound can be dissolved in water and become nitrate fall into the ground. Other chemicals in the world will combine this acid and become calcium nitrate, which is good foods for plants. So even if you do not like lightning flashes. You should admire that thunderstorms are very beneficial for gardeners, farmers because it keeps saturated soils and help increase fertilizers to the ground as well.