Logitech revealed speaker audio amplifier for iPad

Logitech Tablet Speaker
Logitech Tablet Speaker is external speaker for iPad from the manufacturer's quality Logitech mouse. The speaker that this will looks a bar that has a length equal to the length of the iPad. This means that It is suitable for compatible with iPad while landscape mode. If use in potrait mode then the speaker will be handed out the side. Just plug the jack of Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad into the headphone jack is 3.5 mm, only this you can watch movies as well as listen to your music with powerful sound quality with deep penetrating bass.

Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad will come with rechargeable battery that can operate continuously up to 8 hours on a single charge. Applications can be placed on rear of iPad by clamping clip to the side edges of the iPad, which makes it stick together at all. It also has a bag for input speaker to take in various places, and stereo system will loud from the speakers at both sides. Those interested can book Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad at 49.99 dollars today.