Tacit sonar sensor haptic glove for the blind

Tacit sonar sensor haptic glove will help the disabled to walk in various places, as well as confidently handled objects. In addition, the wearer will not move crash objects to fall and injury, and then he will not sweep objects close at hand or is handling as well. Even if gloves for the blind can not use to replace the vision, but it allows users to go running smoothly various places without worry that will walk crash near objects. However, Tacit is name hand-made inventions of Steve Hoefer is officially described that "A device that allows disabled people to avoid obstacles by sonar sensor that responded to interact by creating pressure to feel a touch on the hand of the disabled." Its operation is 2 sonar sensor on the glove will measure the distances of near objects, and send feedback to 2 servo motors to create a slight pressure around the wrist to know that now he is approaching an obstacle.
Sonar sensor haptic glove
Tacit is using Arduino Pro Mini control board works with the sonar sensor to measure the distance from the barrier to send feedback to control the servo motor to run. It will cause a slight pressure around the wrist of the glove. All the parts can fit perfectly into the glove, and most importantly it works with one 9-volt battery only. Tacit is hand-made project (DIY Project), interested readers can find a list of equipment required and the source code at Grathio website.