Amazon release tablet 7-inch screen sizes in October

Amazon Tablet Recent news reports Taiwan website indicate that Amazon will begin shipping tablet 7-inch screen sizes for customers who are interested in October. Then in early 2012 will be available another version is a tablet 10-inch screen sizes. The data come from the manufacturers of parts used to make tablets of the Amazon. However, in terms of manufacture of tablet 10-inch screen sizes, Amazon has hired Foxconn Electronics company (Hon Hai Precision Industry) which is the manufacturer of Amazon's Kindle eBook reader previously. The company ordered to produce tablets in 2011 to obtain tablets of 25-30 million units, and in parts of tablet 7-inch screen sizes, which is scheduled for release in October, Amazon is outsourced to Quanta Computer. Earlier reports from several sources that Amazon would launch a tablet 2 version within the year 2011. Tablet basic version (screen 7-inch) uses dual-core Coyote processor, and High-end version (screen 10-inch) uses Nvidia's quad-core Kal-El processor. The New York Times website reported that Amazon's tablet is cheaper than the iPad 2 (499 dollars) for about 100 dollars. Meanwhile, analyst Forrester Research has estimated Amazon will be able to selling Android Tablet approximately 3-5 million units in the fourth quarter.