Facebook pump Smart Lists to deal with Google+

Facebook Smart Lists
Smart Lists will allow Facebook users can automatically divide a group of friends. The problem of dealing with friends in social networks has long been, and even though in 2007 that Facebook will add a method to help you separate your friends into groups, but just some users had used because the function requires a lot of time and effort in the group stages. Facebook recently added the Smart Lists function, which can be divided your friends automatically. It uses data relationships, such as work with you, school with you, live near you. Facebook users can share information specific to these segments, rather than sharing with others. However, Smart Lists will have the option that allow you to edit the list in friend group as well.

Not only that, Facebook also allows you to separate between friends and acquaintances as well. In "close friends" will make you sure that you have read posts from people who care a lot. The other group is just people which refers to groups of friends that less meaningful or importance than. In addition, Facebook has also been improving the potential friends features to make it better. For adding these new features will allow users to control the use of social networks more effectively. Once a month ago, Facebook had just moved privacy control to the home page and user profile. The competitors like Google since announced that Google+ more than 10 million users in July, then has not reported any additional numbers at this time. Meanwhile, Google+ is still limited to users in the form of invite, and plans to add a business page (like a fan page) into the Google+.