Kindle Fire Amazon tablet already launched

Kindle Fire Amazon
Kindle Fire design is similar to BlackBerry PlayBook but its edges narrower than, while the body weighs just 413 grams equal to the weight of PlayBook. Even though the appearance of it looks like PlayBook, the highlight that make Amazon Kindle Fire has gained more attention than is it comes with various contents are available to download more than 18 million items, such as music, movies, TV programs, books, magazines, applications, and games. Consumers who subscribe on Amazon Prime streaming package (30-day free trial) can order items such as books, music, or movies.

Kindle Fire comes with dual-core processor and has new customizable interface in particular. It does not look like the tablet of Android, but it can download and normally play Android games. The reason is makes tablet has low price due to storage that come with Kindle Fire will have 8GB capacity (half of general tablets). However, Amazon is expected that users will be using tablet through the Wi-Fi hotspot, which will make it possible to stream the contents through Amazon's Cloud system, scheduled to release Kindle Fire will be on November 15th, but can ordered now.