Kindle Tablet to be launched on September 28th

Amazon Kindle Tablet
Around the world are watching that Amazon's Kindle tablet will be able to create a new phenomenon to the mobile device market or not? Recent news reports claimed that Amazon to be launched Kindle tablet in a press conference of the company to be held in New York on 28 September.

Kindle Tablet works by Android operating system. Sources said that the tablet of Amazon will use Android as well as tablets of other manufacturers. It comes with UI of the company, and has store to download their own applications. More importantly, Amazon does not partnered with Google to develop OS that runs on the tablet, but use the company's development team.

Of course, its price is low. While Apple has set the price iPad at 499 USD, then Amazon Kindle Tablet to make low-cost as possible because earlier WSJ claimed that the price of the Kindle Tablet may be just half of iPad.