Mac users please beware the Trojan Flash Player

Trojan Flash Player
Intego security specialist company has posted to alert about the new malware on the company's blog. Even though company recently received reports from the only one people who had downloaded the malware, it means that This is really trojan and may have been sent to Mac users, especially Mac users who have not installed Flash Player. However, Trojan that was detected is called Flashback (OSX/flashback.A) The user will be tempted to click on the link into malicious websites to download the flash player. If Mac users had set Safari browser automatic open downloaded files (.pkg and mkpg) then the fake flash installer program will appear on your desktop screen and setup process in a way that it's all true, except the data.

Even though Intego will determine the risk of this threat is low, but people who use Mac at this time, they should be careful with yourself. The company recommend that you should not open files or attachments from unknown senders or organizations, and should close the auto-open: Open safe files after downloading. Currently, Apple has also updated malware definition file that includes updated of PDF trojan, which was detected last week. Expected that Apple will update Flashback Trojan in the near future as well.