The number of Twitter users surpassed 200 million already

Twitter users
Costolo said that The number active users of Twitter increased 82% since early 2011. The increasing number of users is the key for the future of Twitter, because now the company has used these numbers to convince advertisers to make Twitter's revenue and business operations continue. In addition, Costolo also revealed new information about Twitter, whether they are registered users worldwide more than 200 million, but observers Twitter asked that How many Twitter account per 1 person? and How much the user account has been used?

Once this happens, Twitter focus on active users not just database numbers that are elegant, because same strategy used by Facebook's 750 million numbers refers to the user who logged on to the system at least once a month. The active users are meant to measure than numbers. Analysts said that Twitter user accounts, as many are used for spreading the news of organizations by using Twitter as a channel. In addition, the media such as CNN and Chronicle also have multiple Twitter accounts to spread news headlines of the station as well.

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