Obama believes that taxes from the rich to make the economy better

U.S. budget deficit
Barack Obama President of the United States ready plans to push up taxes on the rich to reduce the U.S. budget deficit worth over 3.6 trillion U.S. dollars, but was opposed by the Republican Party member.

The U.S. President Barack Obama has requested to amend the tax laws of the United States, which sets the minimum tax rate for those with annual revenues of $ 1 million up. Which people who earn those are just a few million, but it makes the United States to reduce the budget deficit up to 3.6 trillion U.S. dollars.

While the close of the U.S. leader said These tax changes will create standard taxation with fairness in American society, but the plan may not succeed after the Majority Leader in the Senate from Republican Party confirmed that it will veto the tax plan.

In addition, John Boehner, chairman of the House Republican Party has stated that To tax on the rich will not allow the economy to recover again, because it is planning to increase the burden on businesses that create jobs.

Moreover, analysts have opinion that Mr. Barack Obama tries to be proposed such legislation, which is believed to be a difficult law to pass in order to want to get votes for winning re-election next year.