Park4U app "parking" with the iPhone

Valeo is an auto parts manufacturer in France, one of the attendees at the Motor Show in Frankfurt. The company has demonstrated the system called Park4U, which allows the car owner can control parking by iPhone. Patrick Reilhac, director of Valeo's marketing department said that "Just the user runs app to make it connects to the smart phone with your car, and then the application will start controlling the car to park in the parking lot with your iPhone."

Park4U is included with some models of car brands such as Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and Lincoln. However, the automatic park system at present is still the version that the driver must be in the car. the new system of Park4U that works with the iPhone, using instead of remote to control the car park that have not been revealed about the release schedule. However, displaying the Park4U system in this work has received attention from many visitors and the media.