The researchers confirmed the mobile Internet will overtake the PC in 2015

A report from market research firm IDC revealed The use of mobile Internet on the smartphone and tablet will surpass surfing internet on PC in 2015.
Mobile Internet
The company also predicted that devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet will average annual growth of 16.6%, while PC usage is dropped because Tablet will replace the PC.

The total Internet users worldwide is expected to grow from 2 billion in 2010 to 2.7 billion in 2015, but the format of surfing websites during the year will be changed from the originally comes from PCs to surf websites through mobile devices. However, IDC did not estimated that How much is the number of PCs to surf the Web? but predicts that it will decrease slowly "Forget today for how to surf websites of consumers because the majority of users are accessing websites through mobile devices than PCs shortly, and it will make using the Internet different from traditional." researcher IDC said.

In addition to the information above IDC also estimates that Number of smart phones will grow fast enough to outpace feature phones in 2015. Google recently reported Android devices are activated up to 550,000 machines per day that had previously been informed the amount that 400,000 machines per day in May of the past. You can see that those numbers add up all the time. While the iPhone of Apple is still selling steadily over the past several months with the number growing rapidly along with the behavior of consumers who want access to the Internet at any time. Thus it is possible that users will turn to use mobile devices than PCs to access the Internet in a few years.