Samsung aiming to launch tablet Windows 8

Tablet Windows 8
Samsung Co., Korea's largest electronics manufacturers collaborated with Microsoft to develop a tablet that works with Windows 8 operating system. Which is expected to be announced for the first time in conference BUILD developers to make available next week, and host the event is Microsoft. While sales of Android tablet is not as successful as the set. Due in part come from the restrictions of Honeycomb. Thus, the base product with a different operating system, it is reasonable to do so.

However, at this time, we have no information or details about Samsung's Tablet Windows 8 to be launch in BUILD, While Apple pursued Samsung with strict laws. It's not a bad idea at all for planning for the future, in particular the launch of the Tablet Windows 8. It's expected that processor may be the Quad Core Kal-El of Nvidia, USB port 1GB memory and HDMI port. The display screen to come overthrow the iPad 2 while waiting for iPad 3, it seems to be Super AMOLED Plus (similar to that used in the Galaxy Note).