The U.S. transmitters measure QE3

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) transmitters QE3 measures to stimulate the economy.
Fed QE3
The US Federal Reserve (Fed) reveal the minutes of the Fed's Monetary Policy Committee (FOMC) indicate that Some of the Federal Reserve Board policy indicates the possibility that the use of quantitative easing past three (QE3), including the purchase bonds of the US government, and may have to take measures to buy more assets in order to bring down long-term interest rates.

Minutes indicate thatFederal Reserve Board has discuss the scope of policy instruments to support economic recovery to be stronger. However, Fed's policy committee has voted to increase number of days in the next meeting is 2 days. The next meeting will be held on 20-21 July, which Federal Reserve Board will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of different tools that may be used to stimulate economic recovery.