Android and BB users choose the iPhone 5

iPhone 5
The point of interest is the group that InMobi has asked such intention, most people expected that iPhone 5 will come with a battery that will run longer, work faster, better screen resolution and the signal is not easily disconnected. All this is information from news reports that have no one confirmed that it is correct or not? Which means that still no one knows how iPhone 5 when it came out, but these people are willing to buy it instead of the original machine. According to news reports expected Apple to launch next generation iPhone has bigger screen that works faster and more lightly with 8M camera and be wise in the command prompt the voice on October 4th.

Participant questionnaire were also asked that If the new iPhone is just a minor upgrade same as the iPhone 3G into iPhone 3GS, which this time will be upgraded to iPhone 4 then they will buy it or not? The results of InMobi said that If it is just an upgrade then the consumer group will have to switch to the new machine, only 11%, while if the BB consumer group is still interested in switching to use iPhone 4 upgrade at 28%. It reflects that the customer started not satisfied the BlackBerry (RIM has main product only BlackBerry smartphone, while PlayBook not strong enough, and competitors like Applle, Google Samsung and Amazon, all have a wide range of hardware to allow customers to choose either smart phone, tablet, media player, which makes BB users. . is likely to switch to use a competitor's devices).