Hotmail add Android app and iOS 5

On the part of Hotmail app on Android smartphone and iOS 5, the company promises that it will be able to block spam more easily than ever before along with the unsubscribe various sites tool more convenient, and feature cleaning of folders automatically.
Hotmail Android
Hotmail application for Android comes with various functions such as push email, calendar, and contact sync, send and receive photos, file attachments, as well as setting up multiple Hotmail accounts. Moreover, it also supports the management of the main folder and subfolder as well. The smart phone users who work with Android 2.1 - 2.3.3 can free download Hotmail application.

In addition to the version on Android then Hotmail also released a version that runs on iOS 5. Which is expected to be released after the launch of Apple's iPhone. For Hotmail application on iOS 5 would be an option under "Mail" of the iPhone and can be configured to perform various tasks like other email services such as push mail, calendar, and features integration with the contacts.