iPhone 5 is likely to have this design or not?

iPhone 5
Even though earlier the iPhone 5 case already has come out as well as the iPhone 4S master image that is rarely different from iPhone 4, when the new iPhone release date is near that makes more interesting trends. Especially design of the iPhone 5 that, until now, it's still trying to create it to present before the real iPhone 5 will be launched. The prototype design made up of files designed using CAD on computer, which is based on data from the rumors that come out earlier to provide the prototype look like the real iPhone 5 as much as possible.

For the prototype of iPhone 5 it looks interesting enough. Especially thin of it looked like the iPad 2, In addition to the the master image was taken then the team has also made video clip to see around it for comparison with the real iPhone 5 that how much difference?