Microsoft AV identified Chrome is a virus

Microsoft AV
On Friday past, Microsoft has explained about the errors that Chrome was detected and identified as the browser has features like malware strains of Zeus (PWS:Win32:Zbot) The results have made Security Essentials blocked the operation of Google's Chrome browser, and in some cases the program can remove the browser out of the system. However, Microsoft has released signature update to fix such errors, and recommends Microsoft Security Essentials users to update tools with latest signature, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Google declined to comment about what happened. However, the company's blog has announced to be solved Chrome in order not to be affected within 24 hours. "If you can not open Chrome or load a new page. This means that you may already be affected by such problems." However, Google also provides the solution to make it usable without update as well. While those Chrome user feel uncomfortable because when they turn up, then it has a pop up from Windows Security box said that the system has problems with security and need to remove Chrome.