Consumers watch videos on tablet more than PC

Recent research has been reported that most tablet user's behavior is like and take the time to watch online video via tablet more than PC and other mobile devices.
videos tablet
On average, tablet users will spend more time to watch online video more than desktop computers for about 30%. Such information disclosed by Ooyala, the company serves statistical analysis with major online video sites. The statistics also found that the tablet users are more likely to watch online video until the end almost 2-fold than PC users, meanwhile they also take the time to watch video more than other mobile devices to 30% as well.

The research report also indicated that the online video audiences on notebook or desktop have a habit of watching short clips rather than, where clips longer time will usually be opened on tablet or mobile device and device connected to TV as well as console games. So, video clips with length from 10 minutes or longer will be viewed on mobile to 30%, but tablet to 42%, and digital TVs and game consoles up to 75%. However, the result of this study was made answer about use of "tablet" more clearly, especially those using it to watch online videos.