Kinect 2 can read the movements of player's mouth

Kinect 2
Information from Eurogamer site revealed that one of the development Kinect's members claim that Kinect game player in the next generation will be able to read the lips of players to interpret what the user is speaking. In addition, it can also analyze and assess the mood of players from volume and tone level of the user as well as the analysis of players's facial expressions as well. Kinect 2 is known addition to be able to read gestures of players, then it can also read emotions and words.

For new capabilities that increase were due to Kinect 2 comes with a camera that has more resolution. Which will work in conjunction with processing power of a faster processor and network hardware. Kinect 2's internal system that has enormous amounts of data can enter to the processor and RAM to manage that players want directly. This means that the analysis of complex data such as to read the words from the lips as well as technology to analyze the volume and tone of voice and facial expression to know emotions of the players at that time, it's not difficult at all.