U.S.-EU cooperation to stimulate the economy

The US and EU pledged to work together to stimulate and strengthen economic growth.
economic growth
The United States and European Union (EU) have pledged together after the EU-U.S. summit where was held in Washington that both parties will work together to stimulate job creation and economic growth by establishing a working group in high level, which consists of officials from both the U.S. and EU.

Statement by the White House after the EU-US summit has been completed, the US and EU are committed together that will define new approaches that are clearly in the strengthening our economic relations to be stronger, and fully development potential of both parties.

Moreover, the EU and US leaders announced the establishment High Level Panel to be responsible for stimulating employment and economic growth. Led by Mr. Ron Kirk, Trade Representative of the United States and Mr. Karel de Gucht, Commissioner for Trade of the European Union.