Analysts believe iPad Mini still not released

Even though the wave of popularity affordable 7-inch tablet like Kindle Fire and Nook are needed in the US market, and the news came out that iPad might be prepared to fight in the battle. At the same time, analysts do not believe that Apple will release a 7-inch tablet in the fourth quarter as the rumors.
iPad Mini
Previously, it has been reported from Digitimes that Apple plans to release a tablet mini-size in the fourth quarter to stop the heating of low-cost 7-inch tablet, such as the Kindle Fire and Nook, but at the same time, Mr. Brian Blair, Wedge Parners's analysts did not believe that Apple is planning to launch iPad 7 inches in 2012.

"Please do not expect that we shall see a 7-inch iPad, even though Apple will ever test the iPad, We predict that no matter what happens, we will not see the iPad 7 inch in 2012."

However, Mr Blair has raised the words of Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO and founder that 7-inch tablet is the size too small. Jobs believes the Apple's 9.7 inch tablet is the most appropriate for use. More importantly, 7-inch tablet can not display applications as well as it should.

Finally, Blair is believed that Apple will continue to marketing plan as it was, like it did with iPhone and MacBook Pro, that is to reduce the price iPad 2 from normal to special prices and sales iPad 3 together to meet customers who want to use iPad on the cheap.