Final Fantasy XIII-2 started to lower the price because the sales did not meet the target

Final Fantasy XIII-2
If you want a cheap genuine Japan game console, must be Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is the new episode of the legendary game series that ever be sold over 3 million copies within the first week, but XIII-2 can be sold in the first week only five hundred thousand copies. It resulted in retailers who are selling Final Fantasy XIII-2 to bring the game to lower the price because the product still remains in an stock, even during the Christmas season.

The selling price of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be split into two types are the price of PS3 reduced to 6979 yen and the price of Xbox360 reduced to 3999 yen. The reason of Xbox360's price is cheaper than PS3 because sales of the game on Xbox360 is still very low in Japan when compared to PS3.