Google+ expects users surpassed 400 million at the end of 2012

News source revealed that the number of new users in Google+ has increased rapidly in the last few weeks. Especially in December, Google+ has the user base increased by approximately 25% of service users. Paul B.Allen,'s founder was tracking such statistics, and disclosed the information. However, Google as the largest company service providers information on the Internet in the world is targeting Google+ as direct competitor to Facebook, which its current user base is more than 800 million users while Google + has revealed the number of members at the end of October is 40 million users.

The rapid growth of Google+ may be the result of smartphones using with Google's Android OS that is conducive to subscribe to Google+ because the user just sign up the Google+ service on the Android smartphone, then the user can use the service immediately. Another strategy that helps increase membership to Google+ is the user can invite family members or friends to use the service. Therefore, it is not surprising if Google+ can increase the number of members quickly.