Intel unveils Ultra-Netbook in early 2012

Intel Ultra-Netbook
Intel announced the launch of new processor by aiming to regain the netbook and computer markets which are similar to each other again. Even though Intel currently still in its efforts to penetrate the tablet market, but in the meantime the popularity of netbook is going to disappear from the market. The company remains confident that the Atom processor new series will be able to wake multimedia netbook market.

Intel Atom 2000-Series Cedar Trail System on Chip includes the operation of Atom processor core with feature's graphics acceleration hardware, Graphics Media Accelerator 3600/3650 DirectX 10.1, and supports Hi-Def video decoder. In addition to performance features of graphics and multimedia than ever, then it also has developed control systems to work with DDR3 memory and the connection to work with digital display as well. Moreover, the Cedar Trail platform as System on Chip is still using 32nm process technology, which allows its operation reduces temperature of heat generated, while there is increasing technology for power management like Intel Deeper Sleep and SpeedStep, it allows the Atom new version be able to regain netbooks again. In addition to processing power and high-level graphic, then it can also save energy as well.