Siri on iPhone 4S order online

Siri iPhone 4S
Apple said that the company will expand Siri application's ability on iPhone 4S to be more intelligent, but recent news reports did not come from Apple, It is a system used to find information from knowledge base called Wolfram Alpha. Announced the addition of the ability to work with Siri of iPhone 4S, which the company has not been discussed in terms of developing the system in any way. While the results help Siri seem more intelligent because you not only be able to find the product that want, then it can also ordered by voice to compare features and pricing as well.

Wolfram Alpha also informed that user can order products as required by specified through the command. However, Best Buy's products will be only available to customers in the United States. Recently, the Apple revealed Siri with the new ads, and within the ads do not say the words iPhone 4S or Siri even once.