TEPCO delay the disposal of radiation-contaminated water into the sea

Tokyo Electric Power Company (東京電力株式会社) decided to postpone the disposal consideration of radiation-contaminated water into the sea.
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's operator said that they still have no plan to discharge treated water from radioactive contamination into the ocean without the approval of relevant government agencies including the Ministry of Fisheries.

TEPCO is facing with the problem of disposal contaminated water that accumulates on the ground floor of a reactor building that has been damaged by the earthquake and tsunami early March. Currently, TEPCO has kept treated water in storage tanks by the the power plant was provided, and prepared to consider disposal of treated water into the sea on 8 December, but the schedule has been postponed due to protests from Nationa Fisheries Cooperative Associations.

Additionally, TEPCO also stated that they will not dispose the water into the sea until we have to perform three measures as follows. 1.Block groundwater to prevent water flow into the basement, 2.Improvement and development of wastewater treatment more efficient and stable, 3.Increase the amount of water storage tanks.