Twitter new design easier to use

Twitter the new version will be available at the end of this year. The company expects that it will enable users to use Twitter more frequently and longer than ever before, and also added channel that is more attractive to advertisers as well. Jack Dorsey, the Twitter's founder said that the Twitter with new design does not need to click and learn a lot. It's known that Twitter's new design can be used immediately and not have to stress about the learning new things.

For the new design of Twitter, when users access the service, then the system will help you find information and data of interest and relevant to user, such as Where users access the service, what is news on Twitter that associated with this information, and are talking to each other. Additionally, Twitter's new design is also trying to reduce unnecessary features to help users work easier. In the same time, it can satisfy user's interest more accurately "We are helping to find a simple answer in the complex world for you." Twitter said.