China warns people to beware of water contaminated with cadmium

cadmium in water
Chinese's authorities are warning people in the south of the country to beware of cadmium in water after the water in a dam is contaminated with cadmium more than 5 times

Chinese's authorities are warning 3.5 million people in Liu Zhou city, Guangxi province in the south of the country to be careful and avoid drinking water from rivers that contaminated with cadmium as a carcinogen after the authorities detected the chemical more than standard up to 5 times in a dam where located approximately 60 kilometers from the Liu Zhou city. Mr. Huang, Deputy Head of Environmental Protection said that the hazardous substances leak from the mining of industrial waste landfill at the foot of the mountain, and may seep into the groundwater.

Now, Chinese's officials are accelerating to add chalk powder and dilute chemicals into the water to help dilute the concentration of toxins.