Discount tablets in the New Year

Discount Tablet
Various tablets major reduce the price in the U.S. market such as Sony announces to reduce the price Tablet S in the United States 100 dollars, and Playbook Black Berry reduce the price to 299 dollars every version. While foreign news agencies reported that Apple may announce to reduce the price iPad 2 to 299 dollars after the launch of iPad 3.

RIM website, the Black Berry's manufacturer announced major reduce the price BlackBerry PlayBook by surprise Americans with price PlayBook reductions all capacity equal to 299 dollars. Preliminary, the website states that the price reduction will be effective until February 4, 2012.

The price reductions have been a lot of attention due to the capacity of 16GB price was 499 dollars, while the 32GB price was 599 dollars and the 64GB price was 699 dollars. All capacities have been discounted price to 299 dollars, discounts of up to 400 dollars for the 64GB.

This price reduction occurred near Sony, which announced price cuts Tablet S 16GB to 400 dollars from 500 dollars while the 32GB price cut to 500 dollars from 600 dollars.