Dragon Ark from the creator of Front Mission already into the iOS

Dragon Ark
Dragon Ark is action and simulation RPG game were focused on playing as a group like Social Network, and is the Toshihiro Tsuchida's first game, the creator of famous series 'Front Mission' in the past that he was still working on Square-Enix company befor resigned to work on GREE website that is a social networking in Japan, and has created Dragon Ark game before the game has been ported to iOS, and now it is going to port to Android as well.

The Dragon Ark's playback system has two types (action and simulation). In action mode, the player can play alone or play with other three players by using a connection via 3G or Wi-Fi. Players must work together to wade into a brutal dungeon, assist to fight monsters and find supplies to create various items as well as the development of character. Each player can choose the character as you like from 4 classes are warrior, archer, cleric and mage, each class has a different style of play.

In simulation mode, players can use items that come from playing the action mode to build their own kingdoms. In addition, players can create a military force to expand its influence to other cities. Players will work together with neighboring cities to fight against armies of monsters led by eight dragons to bring peace to the world, or choose to fight each other to expand its influence on its neighbors.

You can download Dragon Ark game into iOS at itunes Apple.