Facebook, Myspace and Twitter join forces against Google

It became a big issue for the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, which came out strongly against the Google's updates of new results. Even though the update is still limited in the U.S., all is an important step in the destruction of Google's image.

Cause of the fight against caused by the improved ranking results system in Google's site since early January. The results showed that the content in a social network of Google+, including photos, videos, comments, and links has been presented rather than contents of social networks, where has been recognized as Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter is the first company that comes out to show dissatisfaction about the changes that Google called Search Plus Your World. Twitter considers this action as intent to block competition and monopoly of trade in the online market that Google intentionally used influence in the market as a shortcut to improper service Google network.

The reason that is not appropriate because the Search Plus Your World will allow users in the U.S. to see information in Google+, even though information in another social networks' quality and freshness than Google+. Google claims that it is because of other social networks chose not to renew with Google in a partnership to provide information on the network to be displayed in the search results. While many the social networks condemn that Google is abusing its philosophy "Don't Be Evil" by taking a personal interest and regardless of its user.