U.S. geologists warn Alaska volcano explosion may occur

The United States Geological Survey is warning Alaska volcano may suddenly burst out, and raise the alarm and surveillance to orange level.
Alaska volcano
CNN news on the United States reported that the United States Geological Survey (USGA) had announced the addition to the warning and surveillance at orange level after Cleveland's volcano in Aleutian islands, Alaska has erupted and spread smoke to the sky approximately 15,000 feet, and its impact on passenger flights.

Cleveland's volcano is height 5676 feet (1730 meters) located on the island of Aleutian islands, away from Anchorage, Alaska approximately 1500 kms south-west. Satellite imagery showed that it began erupting and blowing smoke since early August. The USGA is tracking the status of Alaska volcano because it may explode at any time, which will blow smoke, cinders and molten rock up to the sky over 20,000 feet.