Why Apple chose China as the main production base?

I believe many people would have questions that why Apple chose China as the main production of various electronic devices, in fact, in the U.S. has a factory capable of producing electronic devices to Apple as needed. New York Times recently launched the reason that why Apple chose China, because the cost of production is cheaper and manufacturing facilities in China meet the Apple's demands better facilities in the United States.

New York Times website has published a special article to explain the Apple's reason to choose a factory in China as the main station in the production of electronic devices.

The New York Times report revealed that China has a lot of talented workers, and workers are also cheaper in the United States. Another reason is the Chinese government supports the creation of a dormitory for workers within the factory and takes time to build a dormitory for a few weeks to complete.

And one reason, today's technology in the production of such equipment is vital to have a factory, where can produce other components in the territory not too far away, which is not possible in the United States.

For example, the incident occurred in 2007. It was the Apple's year which launched iPhone for the first time. Before Apple launched its official iPhone, Steve Jobs has seen the problem that made him feel very upset, it is the first version of the iPhone screen has been scratched very easily.

Steve Jobs has ordered the manufacturers in China to change the screen as the glass screen instead of plastic. He said that Apple would not sell a defective product, and the process of changing iPhone screen has been completed within 6 weeks. It is impossible if the production base is located in the United States.