Facebook raids advertising market on mobile in March

Facebook the largest social network in the world is being prepared to start serving ads to mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) before the company begins selling the IPO shares value of up to 5 billion dollars in May.
Facebook advertising
The Facebook's application users on Android both iPad and iPhone will see advertised in early March. Facebook is expected to serve ads through applications on mobile devices will enable the company has increased revenue before opens in the market. Sources also revealed that Facebook had negotiated with several ad agencies already. Format of the ad will appear on Facebook in nature of news in contents from your friends. This means that you would have read messages from your friends with advertisements inserted in the path at the same time.

The IPO document that Facebook filed since February 1, The company focuses on mobile by claiming that it is a new potential source of revenue. Meanwhile, The company was warned that the lack of money in this part of Facebook can be a problem. Nearly 50% of Facebook 845 million users access to various services through mobile devices. Facebook will encourage advertisers to provide a back link to Facebook, instead of directing users away from the site (to direct to an advertiser's site). Initial schedule, Facebook will hold an event in New York on February 29, is expected to be announced a new way to use social networks.