Samsung Galaxy S III thin 7 mm

Sources in Korea revealed that Samsung Galaxy S III was already scheduled to launch, is expected to be in early May.
Samsung Galaxy S III
It highlights of the device is only 7 mm thick, and confirmed the news that it would be based on a quad-core processors with Android 4.0 ICS operating system. If compared with the current version of smart phones that are successful in this market is the Samsung Galaxy S II is skinny 8.49 mm. This means that Galaxy S III is skinny nearly 20%. This success was due in March 2011. The company will reduce the thinning of the internal components, including circuit boards of a smart phone for about 10 - 20%, and there are reports that Samsung has negotiated with HzO, which means that Galaxy S III may be waterproof with this technology.

In addition to the thinly and the strength of the processor, Samsung Galaxy S III also comes with 8 mega pixel back camera and 2 mega pixel front camera, and back camera can record Full-HD 1080p video. The body also has HDMI port to connect to the TV, including support for LTE and 4G technologies, as well as wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The touch screen of Galaxy S III is Super AMOLED Plus 4.6 inches, and the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will change your smart phone becomes an electronic wallet. Furthermore, it also supports GPS and various sensors.