AMD launched Radeon 7870/7850 to challenge competitors

AMD was already launched graphics cards Radeon HD7870GHz Ediiton and HD7850 after previously launched 7770GHz Edition and HD7750. The new cards use the same 28 nanometer manufacturing process. They have an internal structure as architecture Pitcairn and the same RAM 2GB GDDR5, but the difference point is speed.

Many websites commented that both 78xx cards have better performance in gaming. Tech Report website has brought them to compare with the original cards like HD6970 and 6950 as well as Geforce GTX570 and 560Ti, test results show that both 78xx cards have scored best results in the group. Tom's Hardware website concluded that 7870 is the very worthwhile card because it gives the strength that is comparable to Geforce GTX580 at a cheaper price.

For the selling price, AMD's Radeon HD7870GHz card is at 350 dollars, HD7850 is at 250 dollars, and will be released on March 19th.