Android phone may cost more because of Apple

Android Apple
According to data from Dow Jones Newswires website, Apple was not interested revenues from Android, but wants to make an Android has increased its costs for manufacturers of smart phones that want to use its OS. It is the same way that Microsoft used struggle with an Android three years ago. Apple found that some patents that Android has been infringed and will have to charge licensing fees from manufacturers of smart phones based its OS. Obviously, There are many companies that manufacture Android smart phones on the market as well as HTC and Samsung have to pay the license fee. Previously, Microsoft had sued Google in this regard, but the company declined by to buy Motorola into the roof of Google. However, Microsoft does not have much income from the license, but it makes Android more expensive and not free anymore.

In general, this is a common occurrence between major companies, especially when a new industry, such as smart phones are growing rapidly. All companies compete patented advance to be used as a weapon to use against competitors and to have a little money or even make competitor's products have higher costs. Most of the problems will be solved eventually by competitors may have to waste time and money than necessary on this issue. These problems have already occurred within the PC industry and hardware for smart phones, and now it comes to software for smart phones.