Change your iPhone as an intelligent robot dog

iPhone SmartPet
SmartPet on the outside is just a docking or iPhone, iPod Touch cases which have been designed to be shaped like a puppy, but the fact is that they can move and play with you. When you put your iPhone or iPod Touch that already installed SmartPet app in front of the case with two ears on the sides, then the face of a little dog will be displayed ready to work immediately, and you will meet new friends as the iPhone dog. For interacting with SmartPet is done via the touch screen or voice commands as well as use of gesture recognition.

And then you have a friend with four legs that do not bite, and its face is compatible with the robot. Bandai is known as a company that specializes in developing intelligent pet toys. However, Bandai plans to release SmartPet "intelligent dog" on April 28 in Japan.