Google services Google Play to hit iTunes

Google said users can choose to download music to listen to it for free from the store as many as 20,000 songs or buy new songs that are available millions songs and can download applications and games on Android more than 450,000 applications, or search for an interesting ebook as well as to rent digital movies to watch as well. The beginning of Google Play caused by whole page together, including Google Music, Google Books and Android Market. Web site visitors can click to select the tab book, music, games and movies from the site to view on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Google Play can be accessed from any browser or mobile device based on the concept of Google Play. Addition to struggle with Amazon, it also looks like Apple's iTunes as well.

Google is currently a major competitor of Apple in the mobile market, especially market share of Android smart phones more than iPhone. The opening Google Play looks like the efforts of Google to sell digital media directly with customers to pursue Apple, while the iTunes was occupied most of the music download market. Analysts see that Google Play is intelligent, it can open the page in the form of web-based access to digital content for all browsers and devices.