Kinect helps you choose jeans that fit your body

Bloomingdale Kinect
Bloomingdale a clothing store in Britain has been dealing with Bodymetrics company to install the system for female customers who want to buy jeans that fit their bodies. The Bodymetrics' scanner system which uses 8 Kinect for Windows can analyze the shape of a female customer and grouped by compared with model 3D. The system can help you find the clothes, which in this case is buying jeans that fit and suit your body, and of course that it will reduce the rate of return as high as 40%.

When a customer enters the room, the system will scan her body with Kinect 8 units, then information of a customer that scans completed will be sent into one of three groups of 3D models, including Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby, then the system will match the shape size with the appropriate style to help customers decide to wear and buy the best quality. You can see that female customer in the video is wearing jeans that are designed specifically for her, but I hope Bodymetrics system will allow customers to shop for clothes faster.