Microsoft shows a touch screen faster than ever before

Microsoft High Performance Touch
The fact that you might not know is the delay of the response of the touch screen at 100 ms (0.1 seconds), that is the reason why when we drag fingers to draw quickly on a touch screen, fingers are always ahead of the line. You may recognize these symptoms, but for Microsoft, they have not really. Paul Dietz who is working in Applied Sciences Group, Microsoft said that his intention was to reduce the delay that occurs on the touch screen, and finally, his dream has come true. Reducing the response time down to 1ms (0.001 seconds) which is fast enough to keep dragging your fingers as soon as possible.

Demonstration of his success. He shows the difference between the delay of 100 ms, followed by 10 ms, which is still too slack, but when it down to just 1ms, you will see that the response will be one touch of the fingers.