PC market may grow with Windows 8 & Ultrabook

Windows 8
Recent news reports, a research company revealed sales of the personal computer (PCs) in 2012 that it would continue to grow at approximately 4.4%. Important factors that push the market continue to grow amid tablets (especially iPad) is Windows 8, the new operating system of Microsoft and Ultrabook (and Ultrathin of AMD) the new notebook that ultra-thin, lightweight, and long run.

Gartner expects total PC shipments in the year 2012 will reach 368 million units, increased approximately. 4.4%, while acknowledging that the PC market in 2012 is not as strong as it should. Recently, model notebooks Ultrabook and Ultrathin which makes PC market is bustling again. The question that is waiting for a response from consumers is will Windows 8 and Ultrabook, Ultrathin create attractive to PC users as Early Adopter to turn thrilled with the PCs once again or not?

However, the launch of Apple's new iPad as well as Android tablet competitors are under pressure and have a great impact on the availability of PCs this year, because using applications such as email, Social Network, and the Internet that was originally used on PCs. Now it has changed. The user starts to use these applications via tablets and smart phones. As a result, these products are worth more and get more attention. Consumers are now looking for used, and they decided to choose a device that allows them to work most effectively, and to respond in a fun and comfortable. Clearly, the answer is tablets and smart phones. However, news sources still believe that the PC market will grow more this year about 400 million in 2013.