Intel unveiled a new-product design Ultrabook-Hybrid

Gary Richman, Intel's director of client PC marketing department has introduced a new selling point of Ultrabook with a design called "Cove Point". It means Ultrabook-Hybrid is the Ultrabook that came with the touch screen and scroll down to cover its keyboard to be able to transform into a tablet. The company will push it to be the mainstream for Ultrabook. Intel administrator also said that a tablet and Windows 8 in the future would play an important role in creating the experience of using the computer touch screen with Cove Point. Intel is defining the format of a new computer which takes advantage of the Ultrabook design and the advantages of experience through using the touch screen on Windows 8.

Intel has made the original design of the Cove Point Ultrabook for OEM manufacturers. In addition to its design, the features of the new breed notebook that can be called the Cove Point Ultrabook will be compatible with Windows 8 operating system and a new processor that is faster, and more energy named Ivy Bridge. However, Intel still did not made an agreement with a manufacturer for Cove Point design, but the executive said that Cove Point would be priced no more than one thousand dollars.