Google reveals Chromebook, Chromebox

The latest news, Google announced the release of its product line Chromebook two models developed in partnership with Samsung. The first version is Chrome Series 5550, similar to the Apple's Mac mini. According to information from Google, the computer latest version computer will be upgraded hardware from earlier versions. It can also boot and ready for use in less than seven seconds. The speed of the new Chromebook will be faster than the first version to three times. Chomebook Series 5550 also comes with a new interface that users are familiar with the same interface as the Chrome browser window. The point is Google previously said that Web-based computer would not need the desktop, which is cluttered with icons scattered everywhere.

Chrome OS latest version that comes with Chromebook and Chromebox can be compatible with more file types, which resolve the complaint from users who used the Chromebook first version. Google was also changed the way sales of Chromebook, announced that consumer-electronics stores like Best Buy will begin selling Chromebook in the coming weeks, in the meantime, interested customers still can order through online. Chromebox will be available on priced at 329.99 dollars, and Chromebook Series 5550 Wi-Fi version will be priced at 449.99 dollars, and 3G version will be priced at 549.99 dollars. Its processor is Intel Core new version, 4GB memory comes with HDMI, DVI, VGA and USB ports.