The new LG Optimus add RAM to 2GB

LG Optimus LTE2
LG Optimus LTE2 comes with features speed up wireless connection with the 4G technology, works with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and above all smart phones in the market with RAM memory up to 2GB. The company argues that adding more memory to double will make the system of smart phones more stable and can seamlessly run many applications at the same time, that what follows is to use more energy, but the LG has increased the size of the battery to store energy greater than 40% with power 2,150 mAh.

It is known that Android operating system needs more RAM than iOS slightly, but the smart phone market in general will only come with RAM 1GB. Therefore, LG Optimus LTE2 adds RAM, so it is likely that many applications will be able to work easier, especially when switching functions because Android will be loaded Home Screen all the time when pressing Home. To choose size of the memory upgrade is also an easy way to make LG Optimus LTE2 has properties better than Galaxy S3 which is still used RAM 1GB.